Hydrating Beads ... Our Water Beads will Feed and Decorate Your Plants & Flowers for up to (90) days at a time! ...

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We are the LARGEST provider of water beads world wide - dealers, distributors, schools, wedding specialists, online websites and other water bead companies purchase and re-sell Hydrating Beads and so can you.

Buy our water beads by the pack or pound, we have the largest selection and best bulk prices anywhere!

We're proud to introduce to you a way to grow your plants and flowers without all the messy soil, mold and mess.

Hydrating Beads will keep your rooted plants and flowers alive, fresh, vibrant and maintenance free by providing your plants of flowers the water they need for up to (90) days at a time.

We have many different colors for you to choose from, so click the "Shop Online Button" above to see our color selection.

We have a minimum order of (5) pieces ...

Make sure you tell all of your friends, family and associates about Hydrating Beads ... Thank you!

Hydrating Beads (Water Beads) are Non-Toxic and 100% Biodegradable.

Click here to see our many colors and to use our sizing chart.

Decorate your Home

Everyone LOVES Water Beads

Wedding Center Pieces

Many of our customers use Hydrating beads for ...

Wedding center pieces Special Events Fundraisers
Swap Meets Halloween Christmas
Easter Home Deco Street Fairs
Church Functions Flower Shops Grocery Stores
Online Stores Hydroponic Stores Booster Clubs
Charity Events Bar Mitzvah's Birthday Parties
Classroom Parties Hospitals Business Deco

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